The Seaxwolf Difference

What makes the Seaxwolf difference? We put a lot of love and time into creating jewelry that people love to wear. Here are some of the reasons why our customers say our jewelry is different from anything they've seen before.

SOLID STERLING SILVER: Many jewelers create their jewelry using hollow wire, because it’s light and less expensive than solid wire. All of our jewelry is made to be sturdy; stand up to being worn every day while living your life.

IN-HOUSE JUMP RINGS: We cut our own jump rings before hand turning each one to make a variety of designs so we can ensure that each closed ring is seamless, and put every piece through three stages of polishing so they come out feeling smooth as glass.

THE FEEL: So while images of our jewelry show its beauty and luster, it’s when our customers pick up our jewelry, feeling its presence, that we hear them say “wow.” The feel of each bracelet and necklace is liquid smooth and the weight of every piece is evidence of the solid sterling silver investment in your hand.

SECURE CLASPS: Even our clasps are hand made by us, created specifically to match each design and with careful ratios between the toggle and clasp ring that ensure your bracelet or necklace will remain securely on you until you’re ready to take it off.

LIFETIME REPAIRS: Because we want you to love your jewelry for many years to come, we have a timelessly happy jewelry policy. If at any time your jewelry needs repair, simply send it to us. We’ll repair it and send back to you. All you’ll pay is shipping. Reach out to us to give us a heads up that it's coming our way, and for more information on where to send your jewelry.

LOVINGLY MADE: There is a reason why people say our jewelry feels good. It's more than the perfection we expect as we hand turn each ring. We only create when in a deliberate creation mentality, so every piece brings with it to its owner, the love with which it was made. When you try on a piece of our jewelry...

You can feel the difference.